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Axel Springer

Axel Springer is a long-term partner of Welthungerhilfe, working for a better future for children and young people in Bolivia.

Many employees at Axel Springer AG have been making the most of the small amounts after the decimal point in their wage statements. Since 1987 they have been donating this money to Welthungerhilfe, with strong support from this publishing house. It has added up to a big contribution over the last 25 years.

This money has been used to fund projects to help children and young people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Thanks to support from the publishing house, and the initiative “Bild helps - a heart for children” ("Bild hilft e.V.– Ein Herz für Kinder"), Welthungerhilfe has been able to work for a better future for children and young people in Bolivia, in the capital La Paz and in the neighbouring town of El Alto.

Last Update 01.08.2018

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